WHO - Who are we?

IPS are a modern, flexible and client focused fabrication and skilled manpower support company.  IPS deliver an unrivalled service by combining industry best practices with experience and are taking the sector to a new level by introducing innovative systems.  Our fabrication and skilled manpower model blends seamlessly with clients’ engineering and construction teams to ensure the most cost effective independent ‘fit for purpose’ solution is delivered.


Meet the Directors

The aspiration and ambition of the directors is to provide a new style of fabrication and skilled manpower service company.  The vision is to create a continuous learning organisation adapting to new challenges and developing multi skilled personnel for both its fabrication and skilled manpower services.

A key part of IPS’s development is bringing innovation to the market through collaboration with universities, government bodies and clients.  The directors maintain close relationships by having a unique hands on approach with suppliers, the IPS team and clients.

Robert Headshot

Robert attained a degree in Accountancy, MA from Aberdeen University.

Robert has 17 years in the finance sector working for commercial banks and service companies with specific strength for aligning commercial needs to client specifications.

Within IPS, Robert has responsibility for company accounting and the commercial function.

Claim to Fame: Robert was National doubles table tennis champion.

e:  robert@theIPSgroup.co.uk

Raff Headshot

A chartered chemical engineer, CEng, BEng (Hons) with a second degree, MBA.

Raff has 30 years experience working for both service companies and operators with expertise ranging from commercial, operations through to construction and commissioning.

Within IPS, Raff has responsibility for business direction, systems development and corporate governance.

Claim to Fame:  Raff has written a cook book for charity which received praise from Jamie Oliver.

e: raff@theIPSgroup.co.uk



Raff Headshot

A fabrication expert pivotal to the growth of major fabrication companies.

Bob has 35 years experience with a strong focus on commercial & operations gained from the shop floor, offshore construction,  investing in youth development and  fulfilling key leadership roles.

Within IPS, Bob has responsibility for operational excellence, company growth and skills development.

Claim to Fame: Bob was tasked with explaining welding principles to Prince Charles.

e:  bob@theIPSgroup.co.uk

WHAT - What do we do?

With its extensive coded welding procedure library, IPS undertake all aspects of piping and structural fabrication covering all sizes of carbon steel and exotics.

IPS handle any size of scope, from a single repair order to large projects with each one being treated with equal importance and delivered to the same high standard.

The IPS team are proud of all its completed jobs and happy to share with clients our wide portfolio range.

IPS prefer clients to make direct contact to facilitate discussions about their particular scope, guaranteeing full support and the delivery of the best solution every time.

The IPS ethos is to have an honest relationship with clients, suppliers and 3rd party service providers, ensuring all are aligned to client’s objectives.

This strong relationship achieves lower costs by working together to deliver a streamline service rather than demanding low unsustainable rates from suppliers and service companies.

This also ensures IPS can obtain a solution for the most demanding scopes and project timelines.



The IPS model services all industries including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Distilleries
  • Petrochemicals
  • Refineries
  • Renewables

By working across these industries, IPS continues to enhance its service by taking best practices across the different sectors and integrating them into their workflow.


WHY - Why use IPS?

The team at IPS believe a PO is not simply a purchase order but a Personal Order.

Every order is appreciated as if it is our first.  The focus is on client projects, expectations, listening and adapting to their requirements.

IPS continue with the introduction of exciting innovations to take the fabrication sector to the next level and we firmly believe that ‘what doesn’t challenge us, doesn’t change us’.

WHERE - Where are we?


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This technique is being adopted for nanofabrication processes.

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